I grew up as a boy in Maine who couldn’t stop drawing, and became an award-winning creative director through fortuitous circumstance, many incredible collaborators, and the trust of forward-thinking clients.

Most recently, I ran the creative departments at Stimulant (where I was also a co-founder) and Fluid. My work has won awards from the American Association of Museums, the Interaction Design Association, SXSW, the Themed Entertainment Association, the Horizon Awards, the Apex Installation Awards, HOW Design, and more. I’ve been a frequent public speaker at user experience and design conferences, and a juror for awards programs for Communication Arts, Adobe, and the Interaction Design Association.

I initially wanted to be an architect. I quickly realized that I loved expressing crazy ideas more than learning about building codes. So, I went to school for art.

One day I realized that I worked much more effectively when people brought me challenges with tight constraints. That focused my work like nothing else. I became an illustrator, then a designer. Technology was the medium in which I worked, after years of chalk pastels and oil paints. These days, I design installations, augmented/mixed reality experiences, and interactive data visualizations, delivered in Unity, Unreal Engine, Web technologies, and more.

For over two decades, I’ve worked in almost every industry vertical and every type of media: prototype microfactories for pharmaceuticals, tattoos for professors, websites for outdoor retailers, online configurators for custom sneakers, visual effects for motion pictures, scientific visualizations for biotechnology, motion graphics for television and projected visuals for corporate events, brand identity for audio facilities, interpretive displays for observation decks, and hundreds of other projects.

The consistent thread through my diverse background, though, has been clients that ask me to really take a different approach than what is standard or expected, to provide differentiation, first-mover advantage, or a gleefully orthogonal perspective that can drive excitement, adoption, and/or wonder. My diverse background also allows me to hybridize process, workflow, and deliverables to provide unique value to any project I’m involved with. It makes me a empathetic collaborator who shares the same language with visual designers, software developers, and producers.

I’m happy to provide a full resume, CV, portfolio, and references upon request.

I’m also an animator, musician, sound designer, and audio mastering engineer.