Genentech Pipeline Explorer

Interactive Data Visualization
Various Locations

Creative direction, conceptual design, usage metrics analysis

Genentech’s BioOncology division wanted a fresh approach to representing their medicine development pipeline at trade shows. Like their competitors, they’d been printing bar charts, shipping them to various venues, and throwing them away every quarter. Such visuals also didn’t engender conversations between oncologists and the subject matter experts staffing the booth. The medium didn’t fit their next-generation, technology-forward message.

I led the team that created an interactive data visualization that taxonomically organized all bio-oncology medicines in development, grouped them, and showed which stage of development each medicine was in. The colors interactively grayed out when a single molecule or compound was explored, in accordance with FDA guidelines. The interactive display also recorded usage data that generated valuable business intelligence for the BioOncology marketing team, answering many questions about oncologists’ mental models for classifying medicines and  molecules. This changed further iterations on this tool’s interface, as well as Genentech’s marketing efforts in other areas.

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