Intel CES Booth

“Connect to Life” Experience, Intel Booth, CES 2012
Las Vegas, NV USA

Creative direction, conceptual design, interaction design, sound design

When Intel announced their plans to create chips for devices other than PCs, they asked Foghorn Creative and Stimulant to devise media that would play on a 168′-wide projection surface. I led the design team that devised the idea of an ecosystem of life-forms, created by attendees. Each life-form was based on the outline of an object placed inside an imaging station, which was then lathed and replicated to form “bones” of the life-form. Each creature had a role – predator, prey, etc. – and the creatures interacted with each other based on a simple set of rules, with aging parameters to ensure we ran at 60fps at all times. Over 40,000 life-forms were created on a visual system that was powered by 24 projectors and a real-time Intel-powered back-of-house render farm.

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