Microsoft Cybercrime Center

Geospatial Data Visualization and Presentation Tools
Redmond, WA USA

Creative direction, user research, conceptual design, interaction design

Microsoft has two business units that combat software piracy, botnets, and child pornography. These units faced two challenges. First, their goal in fighting software piracy is to prevent malware and botnets, but visitors might get the mistaken impression that the focus was on penalizing consumers. Second, their primary visitors – heads of state, law enforcement, and manufacuring executives – were provided with ample data to back Microsoft’s assertions, but the Cybercrime team lacked storytelling tools to elicit emotional responses, which would in turn lead Microsoft’s partners to take action.

I led the team that designed a system that, with a single runtime, could operate as a flexible presentation and visualization tool on a 4×4 video wall, large touchscreen displays, and laptops. The system could display graphs, charts, geospatial visualizations, and slideshows. The design lent a modern “authentic drama” to presentations that matched the modern interior of the space.

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