MOHAI Launchpad Exhibit

Interactive Exhibit, Bezos Center for Innovation
Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA USA

Creative direction, interaction design

Seattle’s Museum of History of Industry (MOHAI) hired Olson Kundig to create the Bezos Center for Innovation, exploring why Seattle has been a hotbed of innovation for over a century. While the exhibits themselves were solid, Olson Kundig and MOHAI asked Stimulant to create an additional experience that could either start or end a visit, since the exhibit could be viewed in two directions.

I led the team that devised a plan to literally reflect the visitor in the exhibit itself, and to offer suggestions for how to cultivate key habits of mind to be more innovative in one’s daily life, community, or school. The experience used gesture and touch to drive activities behind a mirrored display. The system uses Kinect for typical presence visualization, but more importantly, it spawns the user interface at the right height for each user, which is critical for mixed-age visitor segments.

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