GlaxoSmithKline Prototype Factory

Immersive Intelligent Manufacturing (IIM) – “Factory of the Future” Concept Facility
London, England

Creative direction, user research, conceptual design, sound design

GSK wanted to build a prototype micro-factory of the future to drive a £1bn capital campaign to refurbish their pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. My concept was to create an interface that allowed the room to act as a participant in the manufacturing process. The interface, driven by voice, touch, and proximity, was driven by real-time telemetry from the operating machines, recipes from electronic batch records, and real-time RFID tracking of machines, material, and people. The experience was transformed from “battleship gray,” Java-style readouts of tabular data to a simple red-amber-green system of status readouts and human-readable error states, while data details were always one tap away. This reduced the cognitive burden on the operators and allowed the room itself to stop a process if any data showed that part of a process was operating out of predefined tolerances.

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